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Richard N. Platt Jr., presidente de la Asociación de la Familia Platt de USA, Milford CT

Tiene 7 líneas hacia 1. Richard Platt, el Inmigrante a USA de Inglaterra


Introducción y razón de 7 líneas

Richard N. Platt, Jr.

My Platt line(s):

Because I still live in Milford, CT, which is where my immigrant ancestor, Richard 1 Platt, settled in 1639, I have 7 lines back to Richard, through 11 or 12 generations, depending on the line.

To make matters even more tangled, of the 54 families who came in the original party, I descend from 30, but through 84 different lines.

This is not so surprising, considering that there was a limited marriage pool, and distant cousins married each other frequently.

As you can see, this makes me my own cousin many times over.

To add to this, my wife descends from an old New Haven family (Hitchcock) on her father’s side, and we have found, so far, 18 lines in common. For those of you who need reassurance, we are no closer than 8th cousins!

Su Primer Línea

My direct line.

Richard 1 Platt, bpt 6 May 1604 at Ware, Herts., d. ca. 13 Feb 1684/5 at Milford, CT, m. 26 Jan 1628/9 at Royden, Essex, Mary Wood, b. 10 Nov 1605 at Royden, Essex, d. 24 Mar 1675/6 at Milford, CT.

Josiah 2 Platt, bpt Nov 1645 at Milford, CT, d. 1 Jan 1724/5 at Milford, CT, m. 2 Dec 1669 at Milford, CT, Sarah Canfield, b. ca. 1651, d. bef.1724/5.

Joseph 3 Platt, bpt 15 Jan 1692/3 at Milford, CT, d. bef. 23 Sept 1767 at Milford, CT, m. 16 June 1720 at Milford, CT, Mehitable Fenn, bpt 6 June 1697, d. 11 Feb 1784 at Milford, CT.

Joseph 4 Platt, b. 13 Nov 1724 at Milford, CT, d. 30 Aug 1806 at Milford, CT, m. Hannah Buckingham, bpt 13 May 1733 at Milford, CT, d. 25 Sept 1809 at Milford, CT.

(Capt.) Joseph 5 Platt, b. 1754 at Milford, CT, d. 4 Apr 1833 at Milford, CT, m. July 1788 at Milford, CT, (1) Mabel Clark, b. ca.
1753/4, d. 7 Nov 1815.

Nathan 6 Platt, b. 29 Jan 1791 at Milford, CT, d. 28 Oct 1867 at Milford, CT, m. 12 June 1810 at Milford, CT, Sarah Fowler, b. 2 Aug 1789, d. 22 Jan 1866 at Milford, CT.

Nathan 7 Platt, b. 30 May 1812 at Milford, CT, d. 4 Sept 1880 at Milford, CT, m. 8 Nov. 1838 at Milford, CT, Sarah Stone Platt, b. 16 Feb 1816 at Milford, CT, d. 16 Apr 1900 at Milford, CT.

Nathan Dwight 8 Platt, b. 10 Aug 1848 at Milford, CT, d. 25 Sept 1924 at Milford, CT, m. 13 Oct 1869 at Milford, CT, Mary Elizabeth Manville, b. 11 Dec 1848 at Thomasville, GA, d. 19 Dec 1934 at Milford, CT.

Frank Nathan 9 Platt, b. 14 Dec 1875 at Milford, CT, d. 2 Dec 1935 at Milford, CT, m. 22 June 1904 at Milford, CT, (1) Josephine Laura Root, b. 18 Oct 1882 at Waterbury, CT, d. 4 Nov 1905 at Milford, CT.

Richard Nathan 10 Platt, b. 22 Oct 1905 at Milford, CT, d. 8 Dec 1979 at Milford, CT, m. 25 Aug 1928 at Milford, CT, Emily Louise Sanford, b. 18 Oct 1903 at Lakeville, CT, d. 17 Jan 1980 at New Haven, CT.

Richard Nathan 11 Platt, Jr., b. 23 May 1933 at Milford, CT, m. 20 Feb 1965 at Hamden, CT, Jane Elizabeth Hitchcock, b. 17 July 1942 atTorrington, CT.

Richard Hitchcock 12 Platt, b. 8 November 1967 at New Haven, CT.
James Thomas 12 Platt, b. 24 May 1970 at New Haven, CT.

Dick Platt

Richard N. Platt, Jr.
132 Platt Lane
Milford, CT 06460-2054

Richard H., Richard N., Jane y James Platt. 2019/01

Richard N Jr y Jane Platt. Asistimos a esta Reunion de la Familia Platt USA, Milford CT, Jul 1999

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